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Oil and Gas

The consulting engineers of Sonus bv are specialised in all aspects concerning noise and vibration control in the oil and gas and marine industry. Total noise and vibration control engineering is achieved with the SSST.

Oil and gas installations and accommodations have to comply with the legislation for noise and vibration. Severe noise limits are being imposed on all types of offshore constructions and authorities demand compliance with the regulations. As a result, noise control for offshore installations has become inevitable.

Cost efficient noise control requires attention from the very early stages of design and construction. The sooner we start with our noise control efforts so much the better are the results.

In this process several stages can be distinguished:

Noise allocation in the layout stage

As soon as the first blueprints of the project's are available we can evaluate the noise situation in order to achieve a first impression of the future noise. With this information we can point out all the bottlenecks in the design and recommend adaptations of the plan. Even if the proposed changes cannot fully be incorporated in the final design because of other reasons the awareness of potential problems is a prerequisite for solving them.

Noise prediction and specifications

Based on the noise allocation, with their experience and initial noise predictions the engineers of Sonus bv formulate noise specifications for all individual equipment and their assembly in order to comply with the applicable noise and vibration limits.

Incorporated in this process is the optimal positioning of major noise sources, the recommendation of low noise alternatives of equipment and the preliminary prediction of achievable noise levels. From this prediction we make a selection of the most appropriate noise reducing measures in terms of costs, feasibility and effect.

We also establish precise vendor noise specifications in such a way that money spent on noise control is not frittered away. Furthermore it is important that the specifications can actually be met by the vendor and that the declared noise levels are based on appropriate measurements and are thoroughly documented.

Noise control

Sonus bv consultant engineers is capable of formulating the optimal noise control strategy in any situation which requires noise reduction. If desirable, several different noise control remedies can be formulated.

To be certain of the effect of noise control remedies a detailed design based on our knowledge and experience is crucial.

Dynamic engineering

Dynamic engineering is also a main point of Sonus bv activities.

Dynamic engineering covers finite element methods for analysis of dynamic behaviour of structures which we preferably compare with in situ measurements. Combined with experience, we have a very reliable tools for solving, predicting and avoiding vibrational problems.

Dynamic engineering also covers torsional analysis. For these analysis we have unique and very sophisticated software at our disposal which is developed in house. As with FE analysis, we compare calculated results with measurement results whenever possible.

Noise and vibration measurements

Sonus bv provides a wide range of noise and vibration measurements.

These include:

- verification of noise and vibration levels during sea trials.

- measurement surveys aimed at noise and vibration trouble shooting, improvement of constructions such as machine supports and anti vibration mounts.

- testing of acoustic components and verifying product specifications.

- model analysis by means of impact or exciter tests.

Sonus bv has continuously been investing in the most advanced measurement equipment available. Our engineers have a thorough understanding of equipment, signal conditioning, signal analysis and interpretation of measurement data.

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